Gayrilla Biscuits : Demo (2000)

Dear “Gay Edge” movement,

I’m 110% on board with everything about your movement except for that small but very nasty streak of misogyny you’re nuturing. FYI, you can be funny and provacative and affirm your gay-maleness without having to resort to saying things like you “don’t go for nasty women” or that you “H8 Pussy.” Because, even though I hope realize that you say sexist things with no harm intended, such remarks still alienate me and other lady-identified folks. And they also make you look like typical scene bros, and we don’t want to take part in that kind of brofest, because, straight or gay, 99.5% of scene bros = douches. (Look it up, it’s a scientific fact.)

That being said, I will love you forever if you keep putting out stuff like Gayrilla Biscuits.

Sincerely, queerly yours,

Gayrilla Biscuits
Demo (2000)


1. Flaming Ass Still Burns
2. Degregaytion
3. Get Hard
4. No Homosexual Surrender
5. Nailed in the Ass
6. Gay Til Death
7. Fags Like You
8. Gay Edge

Hat tip to Desi.

[Gayrilla Biscuits on Myspace]

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