Cheeky : Choke on a Cheeseburger EP (2007)

I recently picked up the Queer Issue of MMR and this band Cheeky leapt from the page and punched me in the face.

I was all:

And they were all:

So, I had to forgive them because they were so damn adorable and fun.

We later got to talking and I found out that their awesome drummer was Angie from Each Other’s Mothers and that their lead singer Kate E. LITERALLY fits in my pocket (at least she did when I was wearing that saggy pair of jeans you like, you know the ones I’m talking about). Then, Brian and Kate W. liked me so much they asked me out on a date and I said “DUH, OF COURSE! I would have to be beyond stupid not to go out with you guys–your EP reminds me everything I love about punk, plus your observations of brah-dom totally puts people in their place, PLUS PLUS you’re goofy as hell. Just talking to you guys makes me want to pump my fist in the air and shout ‘HELL FUCKING YES!’; I won’t even tell you what listening to your record makes me want to do.”

Cheeky – Small Snails from If You Make It on Vimeo.

So we went out a bunch of times and every date was a Good Time Party that just wouldn’t end. Except it is ending.

I don’t even want to talk about how the band is playing its last show ever next weekend in Brooklyn and I’m stuck here in San Francisco, crying softly while fingering the LP I just bought off of No Idea Records.

I put it to YOU, East Coasters, to commemorate that show with a million YouTube clips and Tweets and other shit that will make me feel like I’m kind of there, moshing along with you. Please!??!

Choke on a Cheeseburger EP (2007)

1. Get Out of Here
2. Small Snails
3. He-Man Woman Haters
4. Weird World
5. Grow Fins, Turkey
6. Bad Mood

[Download @ Quote Unquote Records]
[Cheeky Myspace]
[Buy their records at No Idea!]

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