Record of the Week: Deathrats : s/t 7″ (2009)

Image unknowingly courtesy of xbrachiosarusx

Yesterday, I came across a MRR blogpost highlighting the female-fronted DC hardcore band Deathrats. I don’t have words enough to describe how excited this band and their debut record make me, as DR is yet another example of the emerging lady- and lady-fronted hardcore/crust/whatever movement–if it can even be called a movement–that’s coming out of the East Coast right now. Deathrats is unapologetically feminist, and it’s fucking revelatory to see the command that the lead singer Christine has over audiences that are 90% male, given their subject matter.

(Skip to the 2:30 mark to see how they tear it up.)

(I’m sorry, I know we’re in the supposed “post-feminist” era and that dudes can get down with hearing us girls rage about our problems, too, but having been witness to the bro-down that was the hardcore scene just a few years ago, it still surprises me to see feminist, female-fronted bands being accepted by HC fans. Gross over-generalization, I know. But still.)

Anyway, it’s not often that you see ANY bands sing this:

“I’m sick of the punk boy revolution, it’s ordinary
When women can support women, that’s something revolutionary
Why lament the loss of our girl style then, when we’re just as angry now
Why do they look backward to Kathleen Hannah [sic], when there are so many of us now”

And that, friends, is why Deathrats’ self-titled 7″ is the Soul Ponies Record of the Week.

Deathrats 7″ (2009)

Sense of Entitlement
I’m Fine
Self Obsessed
Girl Style
Fuck It
Let Down

Hat tip, ChugLife!

[Deathrats’ blog]
[Deathrats on WordPress] (Contains lyrics, etc.)

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One Response to Record of the Week: Deathrats : s/t 7″ (2009)

  1. Starbeat says:

    I saw deathrats last summer in Brooklyn and was impressed. I had just started getting into straight up hardcore at the time. A Few pics and links to videos from the show is here: Handjobs and Zombie Dogs are played that show.

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