Sonic Youth : Bull in the Heather [Video]

I’m currently halfway through reading Our Band Could Be Your Life, in the middle of the chapter on Sonic Youth. Went Googling for some old school videos and found this piece of awesomeness, with Kathleen Hanna herself dancing for the band. Couldn’t be a more appropriate accident, what with the news that Ms. Hanna recently donated her “papers” (archivist-speak for her zines, writings, and letters) to NYU’s library.

Reading about Sonic Youth reminds me of last year, when Jack Frost took a massive dump on Western Mass (where I lived at the time). We were lucky enough to get enough snow that work was canceled on several occasions, and on one in particular, I bundled up and headed over to my friend Aaron’s house for a Wayne’s World 1 & 2 marathon. Aaron met me halfway, at the corner downtown, and we stopped into a drugstore for supplies. We’re in line, waiting to checkout, and I realize that the woman in front of us in line is Kim. Gordon.

I’m usually not a weirdo fan, but this is KIM MOTHERFUCKING GORDON. I’d heard that she and Thurston Moore lived in our town, but I never expected to run into her. Or breathe the same air as her. !!! Aaron, on the other hand, had lived in Northampton for years and often served Kim and Thurston at the Whole Foods where she used to work. She did not share in my freakout.

(Funny side story: One time, Le Tigre was playing on the radio while Kim, Thurston, and their kid were in Aaron’s store. She was behind the counter while The Royal Family was checking out and apparently, their daughter turned to Gordon and was like, “Hey! This is Aunt Kathy’s new band.” Aaron promptly crapped her pants.)

Anyway, I think Ms. Gordon noticed me staring and mouthbreathing and so she paid for her bandaids and hightailed out out of there. It’s still one of my most cherished Northampton memories, either way.

And that was the time I creeped on a member of Sonic Youth.

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