The Go Team : 1989 Monthly Series of Releases (1989)

The Go Team was an influential late ’80’s band from Olympia, WA featuring Calvin Johnson, Tobi Vail, and a rotating cast of guest musicians (which included Kurt Cobain, Donna Dresch, and Bikini Kill’s Billy Karren). Their sound can be likened to that of Beat Happening or heaps of other K Recs/”love rock” bands, but it’s also so much more than that. I’ll leave it to you to download and find out more about their sound.

If you want to learn more about the history of the band, I suggest you check out Mike Applestein’s excellent write-up from Writer’s Block #6, or read the little bit that’s been documented on The Wikipedia. They both do a bit more justice to the band than I’m doing here.

Grunnen Rocks also has a pretty good discography up. Oh & Punk Tour Blog has write-ups from The Go Team’s ’87 and ’89 tours.

They released 9 singles throughout 1989, which have been collected here by a kind soul over at the E6 boards.

  1. The Go Team January 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTJA 89)

    1. Sand
    2. Jigsaw
  2. The Go Team February 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTFE 89)

    1. Outside
    2. Stay Ready
  3. The Go Team March 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTMA 89)

    1. Breakfast In Bed
    2. Safe Little Circles
  4. The Go Team April 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTAP 89)

    1. Milquetoast Brigade
    2. She Was Sad
  5. The Go Team May 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTMY 89)

    1. Ribeye
    2. 935 Patterson
  6. The Go Team June 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTJE 89)

    1. Go Team Call
    2. Three Ways To Sunday
  7. The Go Team July 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTJL 89)

    1. Scratch It Out
    2. Bikini Twilight
  8. The Go Team August 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTAU 89)

    1. Tummy Hop
    2. Maverick Summer
  9. The Go Team September 7″ (K Records, 1989, GTSE 89)

    1. The Pines Of Rome (excerpt)

Major hat tip to Larry-bob, the keeper of all knowledge worth knowing.


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