HOMOCORE Zine (1988-1991)


HOMOCORE was one of the first queercore zines, started a few short years after JDs began publishing. It was created by Tom Jennings and Deke Nihilson, both of San Francisco, who were influential in catalyzing the American West Coast queercore scene of the early 1990s. Notable characteristics of the zine were its inclusion of nearly all “letters to the editor” received by Jennings and Nihilson, as well as its anarcho-hardcore punk leanings, which often were more punk than lgbt-oriented. (See the 1,000+ references of Fugazi and MDC for some examples.)

Almost the entire zine and its history is available online for you to read/download/share at Jennings’ website. You should really head over there and check it out–in a few minutes.

In the meantime, I’d like to call your attention to two gems, specifically:

1. This photo of an anarcho-queercore “float” at Pride ’89 (HOMOCORE #5):


Copyright Daniel Nicolleta, 1989

Let’s look at a detail:


Is that GB Jones in her shitkickers, lookin’ all “I licked yer girlfriend’s cunt and I’ll kick yer ass if you so much as even breathe on me” while she flicks her cig in your eye? And those two dudes making out on the hood of this car–I sure hope that they’re into being poly, because I might just die if they don’t marry me.

I was obviously born ten years too late. THESE are my people; I was meant to be hanging out with them/off of that float. JEEZUS, LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!

2. Speaking of GB, she and kindred spirit Bruce LaBruce penned an epic article called “Don’t Be Gay, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fuck Punk Up the Ass” for Maximumrocknroll, which HOMOCORE reprinted in all its glory in Issue #7. It’s basically a queercore manifesto that quite rightly calls punk rock out for its homophobia and sexism. You should read the first page here, and then head on over to Jennings’ website to read the rest:

27[Read the rest here]

Did you see what they did there? How they placed punk in its place, historically speaking? (Some might say that they punked punk.) If you’ve ever gotten shit for being gay in the punk scene, this is required reading. Really.

HOMOCORE contains heaps more subversive, hilarious, and–mostly importantly–still relevant articles and artwork. You should check it out today and, if you’re in SF, grab a copy of your very own at Goteblüd–if you can.

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