The Anti-Valentines Day Riot Grrl Cover Band Show (Event)


Your sig-other is going to be pissed when you tell them that your previous Valentine’s Day plans are canceled, now that you’ve found out about the Anti V-day Riot Grrrl Cover Band show that’s happening this Sunday, Feb. 14th at the Loft (1087 Broadway) in New York City. Win them back instantly by inviting them to be your date and buying them a Carnal Knowledge tape (or a rad feminist zine, or one of the fantastic FTB compilation CDs) at the For The Birds table.

Word on the street has it that The Homewreckers will be performing as The Muffs and other NYC scenesters will take the roles of bands such as The Breeders, The Gits, Bikini Kill, and more. ALL FOR $5-$10, PEOPLE. This promises to be a rad time. I expect to see lots of pictures and video–report back and leave a link in the comments to your writeups!

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7 Responses to The Anti-Valentines Day Riot Grrl Cover Band Show (Event)

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  2. Jamie says:

    TOTALLY going to this, last year’s was awesome. There was a fairly active ‘mosh pit’ in the front, my friend Alma came out of with damaged undergarments. We were walking to my car when out of nowhere she exclaimed, “Bikini Kill broke my bra straps!”

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  4. Kelly says:

    Your blog has been nominated for Best New Lesbian Blog in The Lezzy Awards.

    For more information on this years awards visit:

  5. Mandy Melson says:

    Oh! I was totally going to mention this to you. I owe you an email big time!

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