Fleabag : s/t EP (2009)


Fleabag is a queer-fronted pop punk band from Oakland. They’re cranking out some really good, earnest, and catchy songs that remind me (and some other rad dudes) of everything I didn’t hate about high school: house shows, eating candy and, you know, really feeling stuff.

In about a month’s time, you can catch them on tour with Sourpatch, where you’ll probably be able to pick up a copy of this tape. (Yeah, it’s not technically “out of print,” but considering the fact that 95% of the US has no way of getting it, I don’t think it’ll do any harm to post it.) Also, I think I knew the singer, Marilyn, from my previous life in Bloomington, Indiana. (Seriously, though, does anyone know if she used to live there? This has been driving me nuts.)

Fleabag (2009)

Tangled Up
Wisdom Tooth
Curb Appeal

Hat tip, ICDT!


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2 Responses to Fleabag : s/t EP (2009)

  1. Catherine says:

    Yeah! Before Fleabag she was in Aye Nako from Bloomington. Their demo is great too!

  2. Sissy says:

    Whuuuuuut? That’s nuts! Thanks for the tip. I’ll rest a lot easier tonight.

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