Cuddle Circle : Snow Sesh (2009)


Jaime of Deathrats recently sent along a link to this demo by her now-defunct, delightfully named project, Cuddle Circle. I was hella excited to hear this recording, which reminds me of early Sleater-Kinney multiplied by Designing a Nervous Breakdown-era Anniversary divided by Hey Mercedes. Basically, an equation for recreating my late teen years. LOVES IT.

I’ll let her explain more about the project and all the awesome stuff she’s involved in:

i recorded this demo with my two friends and it features the first music I’ve ever written or recorded. I’ve been a musician my whole life, but haven’t had the opportunity to actually play with other people until I moved to DC. I’m a female in a largely male dominated punk/hardcore scene in DC and it’s always a challenge to be seen/heard, but my house, the 3rd st coop, has become an integral part of supporting feminism through music. We only put on shows that feature female/gender minority performers and we also have special nights in the week called “WE ROCK NIGHTS” where we invite ladies over to rock out and learn some new instruments.

Her experiences in the DC scene translate into some really great tunes. Check the Cuddle Circle “Snow Sesh” demo below, and be sure to give Jamie a high-five if you are able to catch Deathrats on tour in the Midwest in March. Enjoy!

Cuddle Circle
Snow Sesh (2009)


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