Anti-Scrunti Faction : Damsels in Distress (1985)

Eric writes:

Thought you might want to post this Anti-Scrunti Faction album. It’s called “Damsels In Distress”, is from 1986, and is really early queercore/proto-Riot Grrrl. Leslie Mah was in this band. Also, their song “Big Dick” was used in The Yo-Yo Gang.

I have a feeling that I have some queercore-blogging competition…


Anti-Scrunti Faction
Damsels in Distress (1985)

01. Boys Will Be Boys
02. Sugar and Spice
03. Writhe Like Worms
04. Big Dick
05. Resist the Lies
06. Martial Law
07. War War War
08. One Crashed Over the Cockoo’s Nest
09. Brain Transplant
10. Ohpmyn
11. 3005 East Euclid
12. Suicide Note
13. Another Love Song
14. Silent Death
15. In My Heart
16. Innocent Victim
17. Slave to My Estrogen
18. Johnny

Hat tip, Kids!


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