Fifth Column : Urban Scorch (1982) (Again!)


Soul Ponies’ favorite Canuck, Timmybear, posted a high-quality rip yesterday of Fifth Column’s songs from the long-lost Urban Scorch cassette. You can download the individual tracks there. While you’re visiting, you should go check out his blog for other queercore gems and more ridiculously hard to find recordings.

Fifth Column
Urban Scorch (1982)

Hit The Dirt
Lapsed State
Dry Goods


Removed at request of Caroline Azar of Fifth Column

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4 Responses to Fifth Column : Urban Scorch (1982) (Again!)

  1. Tisha just picked up “To Sir With Hate” on 12″ yesterday, she was super excited! I got the Herjazz 7″ and the guy who sold it to me said he’d never seen anyone get so excited over huggybear. he had tons of god is my co-pilot, and i nearly drained my bank account for that man.

    • Sissy says:

      @jacquelinemary: I’m beyond late with this reply but THAT IS AWESOME! virtual high-five for the Huggy Bear find, and fuck yea also for Tisha finding To Sir with Hate. I recently found a copy online in the most roundabout of ways–scoured the deep web, saw an out of date post on a listserv that offered it for sale, did some more crazy research to find the dude on Myspace, then messaged him to ask him about it, THEN got a link from him saying, “sorry don’t have it try here instead.” it was one of the nerdiest things I’ve done recently, geeking out that hard to find a fucking RECORD. I’m exhausting just writing about it.

  2. Eric Johns says:

    God, jacquelinemary, I can only dream of having a physical copy of “To Sir With Hate” 😦

  3. Tim says:

    *blushies* 🙂

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