The CeBe Barnes Band : s/t 7″ (1995)

Miranda July, Rachel Carns, and Radio Sloan were The CeBe Barnes Band. This 7″ pre-dates the Need and July’s solo performance art thing that she’s so famous for, and is their only recording.

I have to say: BEYOND thanks to Abe Miner for sending me a shitload of amazing, incredibly rare queercore and riot grrrl 7″s to digitize and share with you. Now, you’ll have to bear with me–I’m still figuring out this recording from vinyl to typey-box thing and the quality on this isn’t perfect. If I can figure out how to better rip this stuff in the future, I’ll definitely be reposting here. Also, once I get easy access to a scanner, I’ll put up the artwork and stuff, too. Keep an eye out!

The CeBe Barnes Band
The CeBe Barnes Band 7″ (1995)

A1. She’s a Winner
A2. Consuming You
B1. Height of Fashion


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5 Responses to The CeBe Barnes Band : s/t 7″ (1995)

  1. Eric Johns says:

    I recently ordered the Bratmobile/Heavens to Betsy “Cool Schmool”/”My Secret” split 7″ – if you didn’t get that, I’ll be glad to rip it once I get it (I rip all my vinyl anyway)!

    I’ve done a lot of vinyl ripping, if you need some advice, just ask me.

  2. Jess Five says:

    AWESOME! Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. kerrry says:

    thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Sissy says:

    That is actually on my list of things to rip, but if you’ve got the time and patience to rip it, go for it! I have about a bajillion records to go through and it seems to take an hour per song to get it right. You’d be a hero if you did (hint hint).

    & since you obviously have the know how–any tips for me on ripping/optimizing (using Audacity), based on the recording above?

    xx S

  5. Sissy says:

    @Jess & @Kerrry: you’re quite welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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