Bash Back! Queer Convergence (Denver) line-up announced; Benni E, Fruit Punch confirmed [Event]


The Bash Back! Queer Convergence (May 27-30th, Denver, CO) is about a lot more than music (free hormones, housing, food, lit, and childcare and sessions featuring self-defense training, amazing queer films, “how to make porn” workshops, sex worker panel and practicum and–my personal favorite–“scheduling and coordination that puts the punk back in punctual,” and more!), but I am REALLY PUMPED for the tunez, and here’s why:

  1. The all-but-broken-up anarcho-queercore-crustpunks of FRUIT PUNCH (Philly, PA) will be reuniting briefly for the convergence! Drake is my homeboy from waybackwhen and I am SO EXCITED to see his face. (Fun fact: Drake and I used to play music together and were coerced into opening for V for Vendetta (the late mathcore Mr. Lady band). Probably the coolest thing I did in college.)
  2. Motherfucking underground rap phenomenon BENNI E will be headlining on Saturday! I LOVE BENNI! Have you heard her Microphone Influenza mixtape yet? If not, you should find it. Because it’s amazing. And live, she’ll charm the pants right off of you.
  3. LOLA MAZARATI. I had literally not heard of her until 5 min. ago but LEMME TELL YOU she is off the chain. (Are kids even still saying that nowadays?) What is pretty money? I don’t know. But I want it. AND LOLA HAS IT.

Also, sailor fashion.

REAL TALK:  I am usually skeptical about anarchist gatherings. Mostly about issues of privilege–be it white privilege, class privilege, etc and the fact that a lot of people who take on the “anarchist” identity often don’t engage the communities that they’re supposedly supporting. And this event probably wouldn’t even be on my radar if  I weren’t contacted a while back (by the ridiculously great and hilarious Adam of The Boulevardier) to help curate the music portion. BUT. It seems like the folks who are coordinating this event are truly committed to creating a space for radical queer art in a fairly conservative city, and that they are cognizant of representing across lines of race, class, gender, etc in their film/music lineups, and that the focus will be less on “LET’S DESTROY THE SYSTEM FUK YAH!” and more “let’s teach skills to inspire radical creativity and help us also defend and nurture ourselves as queers, as artists, as humans.” I dig that.

Check out the Bash Back! Blog for more information and a schedule. They also have a website where you can sign up for housing and find rideshares to/from Denver.


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