Tank Girl : Kids With Gun + Choco Fun (2005)


Nepali feminist-anarchist DIY punk that will melt yer face off.

From their myspace:

TANK GIRL is a band with 2 members of the best known DIY punk band in Nepal, RAI KO RIS. The Line up is : Sareena Rai (from Rai Ko Ris): bass guitar,vocals. Sampreety Gurung : Guitar,backing vocals. Olivier Bertin (also from Rai Ko Ris): drums.

Tank girl has been doing many benefit gigs in Nepal for women’s rights,women foundation etc. Most of their songs describe the exploitation, hatred, sexism, domestic violence, unequality etc against the women in the Nepalese community. Thus the band being an anarcha-feminist foundation.

Tank Girl
Kids With Gun + Choco Fun (2005)

2.Eh Bau!
4.Intro 2 / Not your average punk chick
5.Nepali girl
6.Love talk V Bad talk
7.15 years
8.Kids with guns and choco fun
9.TV ads
10.70 Kilo
11.Ada addidas tak? (“Got addidas?” translate in bhahasa Malayu)
12.My secret call
13.Radio ad
14.81mm shock
15.I live off you
16.Study of misty mountain hop

Hat tip, Kasama Project!


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