Some notes for PR folks & Soul Ponies’ scope [totally boring but totally necessary]


Soul Ponies exists for the purpose of creating a virtual archive of queer and riot grrrl music that would otherwise be lost to time. We’re not here to sell anything, and we’re definitely not here to promote music that exists within the Major Label System.

I don’t doubt that the band you’re promoting is really great. However, Soul Ponies only covers gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer musicians, along with a handful of acts from the 1990’s riot grrrl scene and some contemporary bands that are riot grrrl-influenced.

You should also know that Soul Ponies usually only posts music that is somewhat political—whether it is about being queer, or about sexism/racism/classism/etc, or if it is transgressive/boundary-breaking by the very nature of its existence (a Palestinian lesbian who sings country-western music, for example). I don’t cover artists simply because they are LGBTQ or have an LGBTQ following—I leave that to ArjanWrites and Logo.

In that same vein, Soul Ponies usually only posts music that comes out of the DIY tradition. That is, music that is not backed by a major label or on a major label imprint.

Finally, I usually only post about out of print records, so if you’re trying to promote a record for others to buy, chances are I won’t be interested. We’re a FREE MUSIC BLOG. Get it?

Having said all that, I respectfully ask you to think really hard before you email me about the band you’re trying to promote. If you think that the band falls within my scope, then email me like I’m a human being (extra points for using “Hello!” and “Goodbye!” and “Here’s why you might be interested in this band”). I may or may not cover your band from there.

If you don’t follow my (totally reasonable!) requests, then chances are I will put your email on my Spam block list and will also probably bad mouth you and your label to anyone who will listen. (I’m a complainer and a dweller—it could go on for months!)

Protect your integrity and brand and those of the label or band you work for. Please think about it before you add me to your mailing list.

Stacy K!!!!

PS I do want to point out that there are heaps of d.i.y. djs, promoters, and bands who have emailed me over the past few months since this blog began and I love each and every one of you. You have shared excellent music and art with me and turned me on to a lot of music that I would never have heard about if you hadn’t reached out. Keep it coming, homies.

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4 Responses to Some notes for PR folks & Soul Ponies’ scope [totally boring but totally necessary]

  1. Tim says:

    I’m putting up copies of my cd’s on my blog. They’re not out of print, I suppose, but they’ve basically only been trading or calling cards – my main goal is to get my ideas out in the world, not sell them.

    Three tracks on SUPERTIM are produced and percussed by GB Jones.

    When I’m done, four will be up (two are up now). 🙂

  2. Sissy says:

    Sweet, thanks for the heads up. I’ll link out when they’re all on yr blog. xx S

  3. Sissy says:

    awesssseommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee. 🙂 I’m on it!

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