Knifed/Scientific Bong : Split LP (2003)

Knifed/Scientific Bong
Split LP (2003)

  1. Knifed For Life    Knifed
  2. Get Off My Bandwagon    Knifed
  3. Fist You    Knifed
  4. Piss On    Knifed
  5. Patient Zero    Knifed
  6. Whaaaa (I love Pete from Narcosis)    Knifed
  7. You Drink, I Win    Knifed
  8. I’m Wrong    Knifed
  9. This is Eirecore    Knifed
  10. Chronic Endoresement    Scientific Bong
  11. A Bong Too Far    Scientific Bong
  12. Fuck Andy D    Scientific Bong
  13. Dusk Until Dawn    Scientific Bong
  14. xWintonx    Scientific Bong
  15. The Bionic Chronic    Scientific Bong
  16. F.S.U    Scientific Bong
  17. It’s A Raid!    Scientific Bong
  18. Good Shit    Scientific Bong

Hat tip, Noise not Music!

[Knifed Myspace]
[Scientific Bong Myspace]

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