The Moves : The Moves 7″ (200?)


The Moves
The Moves 7″ (200?)

A1: Magneto Single-Fire
B1: T.Nee
B2: Watchout

The Moves were a dykecore outfit that signed to Mr. Lady Records in the late ’90s/early ’00s. Friends and classmates at Smith College in Northampton, MA–the infamous lesbian breeding ground that has been home over the years to Lesléa Newman, Rachel Maddow, Alix Olson, and one Ms. Sissy Soulpony–The Moves’ Rachel Cohen, Sara Cooper, and Sara Shaw created catchy, queer post-punk, switching off duties for bass, guitar, and drums for each song.

A bit of Sissy Soulpony history, if you’re interested: my initiation into queercore was through The Moves. My gay best friend and I used to go to Borders as often as we could and read through every issue on the queer magazine rack. A personal favorite was Curve magazine. One day, I found a tiny, 50-word write-up on The Moves in Curve, accompanied by a picture of the three adorable dykes crawling all over a laundry machine. I instantly got a crush on the brooding, nerdy-looking one (Sarah Shaw) and went home to learn more about the band on my family’s newfangled Internet-enabled Acer computer. I found the Mr. Lady Records homepage and the rest is history…



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