Tim Murphy : various records (2002-2009)


Our favorite Torontonian outside of GB Jones & Bruce LaBruce Kingstonian, Tim Murphy, recently loaded four CD “calling cards” to his blog. Check them out below!

Tim Murphy
My Fellow Deviants (2009)


Tim Murphy
Poofs Rock (2008)


Tim Murphy
Armed With Five Pounds of Hamster Food (2007)


Tim Murphy
Supertim CD/cassette (2002)

“Friends of the Friendless, Inviolable Cool and Valentine were percussed and produced by the lovely and talented GB Jones in 2001-2002”


Be sure to stop by Tim’s blog and check out the heaps of other awesome out-of-print punk, indie, and queercore gems he has posted!

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One Response to Tim Murphy : various records (2002-2009)

  1. Tim says:

    Kingstonian (from Kingston, Ontario) – but I’m Toronto-friendly. 🙂

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