Teenage Cool Kids, Solanin, Lava Lava [Happen to be Gays]

I’ve been made hip to heaps of artists who don’t necessarily produce “queercore,” but are nonetheless queer and make great music worth sharing. So, I’m gonna share them with you! And, no–I don’t care that it’s against the rules. I MAKE THE RULES, OK?

Teenage Cool Kids


First up: Teenage Cool Kids! Wait, did you hear that? It sounded like the collective “DUH!” of a thousand indie music bloggers. I guess that as per usual I’m tardy to the party. Oh, well. If you didn’t already do this a year ago, you can download their demo at DFW DIY.



Next up: Solanin! Amy Klein of Titus Andronicus wrote me a few weeks ago to share this short, beautiful digital EP, For the Sky, from her solo project, Solanin. It’s quiet and thoughtful; has been compared to Joanna Newsom and Neutral Milk Hotel in terms of scope and sonic epicness. And yet, it’s only about 20 minutes long. You can download it at Solanin’s Bandcamp site.

Lava Lava


Finally: Lava Lava! A now-defunct DC twee/”cuddlecore” duo featuring Amina Althea (better known today as Amina Baird of Layers/Quake) and Spoonboy (of The Max Levine Ensemble). I can’t explain how the acoustic/pop-punk/acapella/drum machine mess that comprises the bulk of their two longest releases, Hey Fragile and Tour Demo, makes such magic in my brain when I listen to it. If I could, I’d definitely rip off their formula and team up with Santi Gold and make a bajillion dollars writing adorable hits for Miley Cyrus or some crap. I think it goes without saying that if you were to look at the “Play Count” on my iTunes for this band, it would read: “∞”. My point? Go download them both: Hey Fragile and Tour Demo. Oh, and to be clear: while my Google-stalking of Spoonboy’s sexuality is inconclusive, Ms. Amina is a BFD/Q. So, there you have it.

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One Response to Teenage Cool Kids, Solanin, Lava Lava [Happen to be Gays]

  1. shane says:

    Glad to see you breaking the rules. There are some great queer/queer-friendly bands/artists (and wo/man can’t live on bread alone). Cool Site, loving it!

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