Sta-Prest : Vespa Sex (1995)

StaPrest Vespa Sex

Vespa Sex (1995)

A1. Rilly Bad Scene
A2. Vespa Sex
A3. Elbo Grease
B1. Double Your Chance for a Date
B2. Powter Choice

Another rip from a fantastic collection of 7″s that Abe Miner donated a few months back to help round out the Soul Ponies archive. Quality is not so great, but what can you do? When I get the ripping situation figured out (I think I’m going to have to break down and buy some more expensive gadgetry), I will repost. I promise!


UPDATE: Abe Miner writes in with a great review of this record:

“I have to admit that I’m biased about this band, since they are one of my favorites to come out of the queercore movement of the nineties. Sadly underappreciated in their time (I feel), they are planning on releasing a cd of all their material soon, (tho I admit the release has been TBA for like three years, but hopefully it will come out before too long) Sta Prest, pronounced stay pressed, mixed sounds somewhere between 60’s garage rock and early seventies new wave like the Mekons and Television Personalities, They also weren’t afraid of making noise either, as can be seen by some of the more experimental tracks on this single. They formed a quirky original sound, definitely guided by their proficient used of the organ, which differentiated them from other bands of the movement. This is probably their most lo-fi record, and later releases would show them polishing up their sound a little bit, but i think this stands out as a great burst of originality that the queercore movement was all about. They were also one of the most vocal out and proud bisexual bands (besides God Is My Co-Pilot) to talk about their isolation even within the queer community, (check out ‘Double Your Chance for a Date’ for further proof.) Also one of the best parts of this band was their elaborate manifestos and artwork that accompanied their records, (which hopefully will be included on the discography). What can I say? Just a great fucking band that never really gets enough cred. Check them out!”

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