Noun : Holy Hell (2010) and Outtakes

PONIES! I am extra excited to share today’s post with you. Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females (the hardest working band in show business) emailed me to share a rough cut of the Noun full-length, Holy Hell. For those who don’t know, Noun is Marissa’s (fucking amazing) side-project and she recorded this album with the help of friends Angie Boylan (Scantron, Little Lungs, ex-Cheeky), Miranda Taylor (Hunchback, Black Wine, Full of Fancy), and Screaming Females bandmates Jarrett Dougherty and King Mike.

The track listing here is a bit different than what made it onto the final album (which you can buy at Don Giovanni Records), FYI.

Many thanks to Marissa and also to Star for sending along songs from the out-of-print Forgotten Grin tape and the Pink Couch Sessions rip.



Holy Hell (2010)

Pearly Gates
So Rough
Old Friends
Holy Hell
Wrong Things
Call Earth
Black Lamb

[Noun @ Myspace]
[Don Giovanni Records]
[Screaming Females]


Forgotten Grin (2009) & the IYMI Pink Couch Session Outtakes

Rid from Forgotten Grin
School from Forgotten Grin
Man and Dog from Forgotten Grin
Holy Hell from the IYMI Pink Couch Sessions

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