Noun : Forgotten Grin (2009)

Oh man, this is our lucky week! Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females emailed me again, this time to share a bunch of recordings from the out-of-print Noun cassette, Forgotten Grin. For those who don’t know, Noun is Marissa’s (fucking amazing) side-project. You’re welcome, ears!

You can also check out the Noun full-length, Holy Hell, or buy it (along with sick Screaming Females vinyl and The Measure [SA] gear) at Don Giovanni Records.

Many thanks to Marissa for sending these recordings along!

Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out the Screaming Females on tour throughout the US and Europe in the next few  months–you won’t be sorry!


Forgotten Grin (2009)

Removed at the request of Don Giovanni records and Marissa P., who’ve made the tape available for purchase online. [12/9/2013]

[Noun @ Myspace]
[Don Giovanni Records]
[Screaming Females]

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