The Screamers

The Screamers-demos from 1977-1979

One of the most influential and unknown bands to ever grace america. Art fags to extreme while still remaining total badasses. You have to bear with the recording quality, as they never recorded a proper album, but this is the most popular of their demo bootlegs. RIP Tomata Du Plenty.

1. Better world
2. thru the flames
3. Sex boy
4. If i can’t have what i want i don’t want anything
5. She’s the girl
6. Hurt
7. 122 Hours of fear part one
8. 122 hours of fear part two
9. punish or be damned
10. government love affair
11. Peer Pressure
12. Better world
13. Vertigo
14. Magazine love
15. it’s a violent world


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