the long lost fagatron live cassette

fagatron live

If you’ve ever wondered what a hilarious trainwreck fagatron was live, here’s your chance to find out. This cassette was compiled in 2001 over the years of recorded stuff we did.

1. Flip Flop
2. I am not
3. We want you
4. anthem
5. asskickatron
6. get up get down(oggatron cover with greg taylor and chach heart)
7. Like a prayer/luv shak
tracks one through seven were recorded at the Crocodile in Seattle, 2001.
8. Shut up
9. lonely boy
10. rock and roll fag
11. dik crazy homophobes
tracks 8-11 were recorded in jeromy’s mom’s basement in 1996 and were featured on our demo cassette “Queer Corn”
12. we will rock you
13. don’t dance
14. punk you.
tracks twelve through fourteen were recorded on a tiny cassette recorder in some basement in portland.

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2 Responses to the long lost fagatron live cassette

  1. Mike says:

    I would luv a copy of that, if possible? So what’s going on w/ you? I just happen to be listening to yr Fagatron albums & wondered what you & Jeremy are up to?

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