Cheesecake “You’re soaking in it” lp (1995?)

Cheesecake album

Out of the boston area in the mid nineties, love this band. noise rock? who knows. completely original sound. better known for their single ‘straight girl soundtrack’, this album is also killer and extremely underappreciated. don’t really know that much about this band, but if anyone does please comment. this album is a classic. also featured on the ‘free to fight’ comp and i think one of the kill rock stars comps as well.

1. sure shot
2. i’ve been to paradise
3. white wash
4. i need some space
5. five and dime
6. close to me
7. so what
8. i lied
9. sperm is dead
10. what mixture is the best
11. all kinds of love
12. bi
13. i don’t know when
14. disgracias
15. what do i thin of myself
16. estados podridos
17. flash flood

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