Hot Mess : Demo (2010)

(c) Corky Berlin

DC ladycore scene stalwart Jaime (ex-Cuddle Circle, ex-deathrats) wrote in to tip me off to a demo by her new band, Hot Mess. She says:

Two of the best ways to describe us are by a) Our patch that features a cutesy/raunchy DIVA cup spilling out it’s bloody contents to spell out the name “Hot Mess” and b) When playing a show at a dive bar in Baltimore, we were consistently annoyed by ignorant asshole dudes all night and the lead singer KC said to them “I fight harder than you and I fuck harder than you”…and yeah, well I think that speaks to our attitude pretty well.

They rage about sex workers rights, boring white dudes, and pretty much all the shit that would piss off your average feminist punk. Which is to say: I’m in love.

Hot Mess
Demo (2010)

1. bored of you 01:32
2. consent 01:31
3. damage 01:56
4. laissez-faire 02:00
5. scream so they have to hear you 02:06

[Download at Bandcamp]

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