Top Tens


10. Sta-Prest : Vespa Sex (1995)
9. HOMOCORE Zine (1988-1991)
8. Fifth Column : Boy/Girl 7″ (1983)
7. The Go Team : Donna Parker Pop (1988)
6. The Anti-Valentines Day Riot Grrl Cover Band Show (Event)
5. Record of the Week: Deathrats : s/t 7″ (2009)
4. DJ D Lefty Parker f/ Katey Red, Sissy Nobby, and more : Sissy Bounce Mixtape (2009)
3. Fifth Column : To Sir With Hate (1985)
2. Pagan Babies : 4-track demo (1986)
1. Why 2010 will be the year of the Riot Grrrl revival (if we want it to be)

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Top Ten Memories

Founding the IGGU Zine with Kate Wadkins, internet, January

Sissy Bounce rave with Vockah Redu at the House of Yes, Brooklyn, February

Gaining a new spiritual hometown, Oakland, April

Deleting my Facebook account, internet, May

Camping in Big Sur, Big Sur, August

Waking up in West Glacier, Montana, September

Shooting a gun for the first time, San Rafael, October

Best Date Ever, San Francisco, October

Line dancing to Lady Gaga in a gay bar, San Diego, November

Robyn at the Warfield, San Francisco, November

Top Ten Records

Robyn: Body Talk (Pt. 2) (2010)

Robyn: Body Talk (Pt. 1) (2010)

Noun: Holy Hell (2010)

Canary Sing: Boss Ladies Mixtape (2010)

Nobunny: Raw Romance (2009)

Layers/Quake: Tape 2009 (2009)

Dolly Parton: The Bluegrass Collection (2003)

The Runaways: Queens of Noise (1977)

Beach House: Teen Dream (2010)

Grass Widow: Past Time (2010)

Thanks to each and every one of you readers who made 2010 a great first year for SOUL PONIES. Here’s to a frigging amazing second year (and beyond)! – S

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