The Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts Festival presents the Night of Possibilities, June 11th, Portland, OR [Event]

Nikki of Total Trash wrote me to share the following news of an AWESOME event happening soon in Portland, OR:

The Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts Festival is presenting the Night Of Possibilities on June 11th starting at 8 p.m. at the Fleetwood Shac (127 NE Lombard). The Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts Festival is a do-it-yourself & do-it-together grassroots festival started by a group of Portland-based queers who had the desire to see more support and experimentation in the queer art and music communities of Portland. The festival encourages participants in the festival to follow three guidelines when submitting music and/or artwork to show: collaborate, make new work specifically for the festival, and have any time-based projects or bands be under 25 minutes in length. Last year’s festival included over fifty bands, artists, film-makers, performers, poets, and participants. Hundreds attended and many volunteered to help out in the festival, creating a participatory and community-building atmosphere for all of those involved in the Not Enough! “happening.” In the spirit of collaboration and to help those who might be seeking other artists, musicians, performers, writers, film-makers, etc. find their matching partner(s), the Not Enough organizers are throwing a queer art social known as the “Night of Possibilities.” Portland queers (and those who fall in the queer spectrums) are asked to come and meet others with similar interests and to have dialogue about possible projects or band-ideas. There will also be an opportunity to submit your project into this year’s Not Enough! festival happening September 17th & 18th. This endeavor is an organic one that can only occur with the time and effort of the queer communities of Portland. Therefore, people are invited to participate in any way they can, and bring their ideas to this festival. The Night of Possibilities, like the festival, is all-inclusive, welcoming over everybody, all-ages, and accessible. Bring your instruments, your films, your ideas! We want you to show us who you are! For more information please visit:

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