Wickr is an app for those serious about privacy

Wickr is a messaging app for the privacy-minded. They use military grade encryption when sending your messages, photos, and videos, and don’t store your data on their server, making it damn near impossible for them to give up any information to third parties, including gov’t requests. Messages self-destruct after a time you set (anywhere from 1 second to 6 days in the future). Their privacy policy also beats Ansa‘s by far.

I contacted the Wickr team yesterday to share my appreciation for their product and make a feature suggestion: the ability to send messages that don’t self-destruct. I’d like to be able to send and receive text messages that I can save (say, addresses or a reminder of a friend’s birthdate). According to the Wickr team, this feature is on their list for development, and (much like Impactstory) they’ll prioritize it based on user demand.

The app is a freemium–they’ll launch premium features soon, and likely a donation feature alongside it, so geeks like me who love their product but don’t have much use for their premium features can still show their support. They asked me to leave a review on the Google Play store until then, to help spread the word.

I can’t leave this review on the Google Play store without signing up for a G+ account, though, I’m posting my review here:


Easy to install and use. Their policies beat other privacy-centric messaging apps by far; no chance they’ll sell your information or let third parties track you on their app. I’d pay for this app if I could. Looking forward to making it a full-time replacement for SMS and photo sharing.


Check out Wickr‘s specs and download links on their website, and consider making it your replacement for SMS, too. Oh, and if I know you, connect with me on Wickr!

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